Tyranny of Price and Energy Equity Outlook 2015: January (Double) Issue of TerraJoule.us

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From this month’s issue:

…And again, you can hear the call of the sirens: they are saying there is downside risk from here when natural gas is at $3.00 per million BTU and when WTI is near $52.00 a barrel. OK. Let’s consider that. US natural gas production just reached another all time high. But LNG exports are coming within 12 months. Meanwhile, drilling activity is dropping hard in the US, and in places like the North Sea there’s talk of a jobs and drilling massacre. Wellhead prices in Canada have also fallen way below spot. Let’s consider the chart below: the TerraJoule.us forecast is that supply will be at best flat year-over year in 2015, with about .7 mbpd (half the 2009 supply drop) at risk. Nota Bene: the risk of an actual supply drop will grow as the year goes on because, as previously discussed, the pipeline of project cancellations is still growing…


“TerraJoule.us eBook – New Year’s Double Issue – Tyranny of Price and Energy Equity Outlook 2015 – January 2015” by Gregor Macdonald – Editor on Ganxy