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TerraJoule.us – A Journal of Energy Transition is a free newsletter that chronicles the rate of our present energy transition, as the world attempts to decarbonize powergrids, and policy amplifies the deleveraging process from two centuries of fossil fuel exposure.

The publication is read by government agencies and NGOs, and, by private investors and individuals at major financial firms, family offices, and pension funds globally from Australia to the US, Canada, the UK, and the EU. Published every two weeks, and edited by Gregor Macdonald, of Gregor.us.

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Features include The TerraJoule.us Energy Transition Index (TETRX), composed of both ETFs and individual stocks, designed to include those sectors best positioned to exploit, and also avoid, the ongoing disruption in the global energy system.

While profound shifts in the global energy source mix continue to emerge,  energy transition is increasingly composed of developments and cost declines in technology and infrastructure. Those equations supply both the risk, and the opportunity, as the next tranche of energy users comes online in the global economy.

-Gregor Macdonald, Editor