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Mid-Month Data Update

As discussed in this month’s issue, Big Trends in Global Energy, combined Wind+Solar composed over 12% of the total growth of global energy consumption last year. This is unquestionably impressive.

However, we must remember that combined Wind+Solar still form a very small part of the ongoing global power mix. In 2013, total global electricity generation stood at 23,127 TWh (terawatt hours). Of this, total generation from combined Wind+Solar stood at 753 TWh, or just 3.25% of the total

That said, is forecasting that by 2025 combined Wind+Solar will provide at least 10% of total global power generation. To see which countries are in a leadership position already, see the below chart of Global Wind+Solar Consumption in TWh 2013. The US consumed 178.7 TWh of combined Wind+Solar in 2013, with China just following at 143.8 TWh. The US and China are unquestionably on the verge of supersizing their Wind+Solar resources further, with enormous project pipelines building quickly. As discussed in last month’s issue, India Unleashed, the third main country to watch now is India. (click on image for larger chart hosted at Tableau.)

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